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Tips to Find The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your Christmas List

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In the rush to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, appliances might not be the first on your list – or on your list at all.

But you might be surprised at how well-received the gift of a household appliance can be. This out-of-the-box option can be exactly what you need to surprise and delight your friends and family. Here’s our gift-giving guide for your Christmas list this holiday season:

  1. Your One True Love

    How do you say “I love you” with an appliance? It might not seem like the most romantic gift option, but if your significant other loves to cook, they might love a gift that’ll make it easy for them to bake perfectly consistent cookies or make meals without effort.

    We have a wide array of ovens that come with features such as steam, easy-glide racks, integrated temperature probes, and more. Easy-glide racks are crucial for anyone who loves to cook but find they strain their forearms when pulling at heavy racks. Or, if space is limited within your home, you may prefer a compact design. Whatever your significant others’ needs are, our product experts can help with the perfect gift.

  2. The Aspiring Kitchen Designer

    The aspiring kitchen designer is all about esthetics. Classic stainless steel is a sleek and classic way to make their home look #designinspo, but an upcoming trend that’ll be sure to show up on all designer social media feeds is black stainless steel. Why not help them get them ahead of the trend and make their kitchen look sleek and sophisticated with a black stainless steel product?

  3. The One Who’s Ahead of the Curve

    Appliances are becoming smarter. Samsung has just launched an entire lineup of Bluetooth compatible appliances, and there are new innovations in many other brands that will practically cook your food for you.

    Enhancements like these are a tech-savvy persons’ dream, allowing them to play and discover new features to bring out the best in their food.

  4. The One Who Loves Their Wine Or Beer

    Beverage stations and refrigerators are great gifts for the wine or beer drinker in your life. They’re compact and don’t require installation, making them a convenient addition to a family room or den – or anywhere your friend wants to pop a cold one.

  5. The Person Who Lives a Healthy Lifestyle

    For the person who’s keen on keeping their bodies free of minerals and toxins, a drinking water station might be the perfect gift. It installs under the sink and provides easily accessible purified drinking water.

    Or, for a more extravagant gift, a steam oven preserves most nutrients, vitamins and minerals that would otherwise leech out if you were to boil or fry your food. The amount of fat and sodium used to flavour a meal can be reduced because herbs and spices can be used instead. There are many benefits gained from a steam oven; it’s easy to see why so many health-enthusiasts are making the switch.

  6. The One Who’s Always Caffeinated

    A coffee station is a must for the coffee drinker in your life. It’ll keep their veins pumped with caffeine without having to leave the comfort of their home. We have a vast selection of both built-in coffee systems and countertop coffee machines to choose from, regardless of what your budget is.

  7. The One Who Loves Luxury

    Brands such as Wolf and Miele are known for their prestige and quality. Beautifully designed and top of the line quality to ensure that the professional cook in your life is only using the best.

  8. The Little Tyke

    Ok, so we lied. We don’t have an appliance for every person on your list. However, we can direct you to the nearest toy store where your little helper can get their very own toy kitchen or Easy Bake Oven.

To browse through more gift ideas, visit Trail online, or visit us in-store at your nearest location.

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