What You Should Know Before You Buy Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

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What you should measure before buying a fridgeIs it time for you to upgrade or replace one or more of your major appliances? You’ve probably done your research and know what you want. But do you know what your next steps should be?

It’s not really as simple as walking into the store armed with model numbers, buying the appliances you want, and then going home and waiting for them to be delivered. There are other considerations in order to avoid issues or disappointment. Make it as easy for you and your new appliances as possible by taking a few extra steps prior to talking to one of Trail’s product experts. Before coming into the store you need to visit your own home.

The Buying Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

1. Measure Everything and Write it Down.

Then? Measure it again. Or better yet, have someone else make the same measurements so you can compare notes and make sure they match. Having a diagram of your home with all the measurements when you come in will help you make the right selection the first time.


  • Sure you can measure your current appliances, but that’s not as useful as knowing about the space you have available to house your new appliances. You might find you have the space for something bigger and better! Measure the height and depth, along with the width between the cabinets and the countertops as this may be different.
  • Do you have a kitchen island? Remember to measure the distance from the island to the counter as well as the distance to the back wall. You don’t want to get your new panel ready dishwasher or oven installed and then discover you can’t get the door fully open.
  • Ventilation needs adequate ducting to work properly. Know what your kitchen venting capabilities are.


  • Similar to the kitchen, measure the height, width and depth of the space where your washerWhirlpool stacked laundry in white and dryer pair will be installed. Don’t forget to include the door opening and wall mouldings when measuring.
  • Will your dryer require venting? On which side? Measure to make sure you have enough clearance room (4-6” behind) and consider that might you need a special venting kit.
  • Depending on your laundry’s location, is there enough room to accommodate the door opening on your new front-load washer? Measure to ensure there’s enough depth for your new laundry set to not only fit, but to operate.

2. Take Pictures Just in Case.

You might think you’ve taken everything into consideration, but did you remember the fridge is going between a counter and a wall? If the refrigerator is shallower than the wall, the door might not fully open and it turns out you needed to get a left-hinge model rather than a right-hinged one. Let your product expert take a look at your photos, they may spot something not on your radar.

3. Technical Details to Consider.

  • Is your heart set on a fridge with water dispenser and/or ice maker? You’ll need a water line hookup in that location.
  • That souped up dryer with the fancy condensation drying or the combi-steam wall oven might need a grounded 220V plugin instead of the 110V that runs through your home.
  • The water supply (hot and cold) and the drain hose are within close proximity to where your washing machine will live.

4. Walk the Delivery Path.

When creating the diagram showing where your appliances will live, be sure to measure the path the delivery crew will take to bring your appliances to their new home:

  • Walk and measure the route from sidewalk or driveway to final destination.
  • Is the Trail delivery team coming through the back or front door?
  • Are there any stairs requiring navigation and will the appliances be able to turn the corner?
  • Is the entryway large enough to accommodate your new fridge? What about your fancy double oven range?
  • Will any doors need to come off to fit appliances through? If so, make sure they can be temporarily removed.

The more information you can give us regarding potential delivery hazards, the smoother the delivery will go (for both you and the delivery team).
You don’t want to be the homeowner who forgot about that one arched hallway with a tight turn and the uneven flooring in the laundry room. That way lies delivery delays, extra costs and unintentional re-enactments of situations generally found in sitcoms.

Electrolux kitchen appliancesBeing prepared before you walk into the Trail store to make your purchases will solve potential issues before they can become serious and time-consuming. No one wants to be sent home to measure doorways and to figure out electrical connections. And simply buying that new fridge because you think it will fit can be costly. Having to pay potential restocking fees, plus having to schedule delivery twice, will dim the enthusiasm you have for achieving your dream renovation.

Have you created your measurement diagram? Come visit us in-store if you’re ready! If you’re not ready, still drop by and see us. Our product experts can get you copies of measuring checklists so you know exactly how to measure if that new fridge you’re thinking about will not only fit, but be able to travel the delivery route unimpeded.

For more information Ask an Expert or visit us in-store. Check out our Buying Guide for tips on selecting appliances.

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