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Building trust, building relationships since 1974

"Project after project, Trail consistently gives us the best possible prices, product advice, and service. From selection to ordering to delivery and installation, everything is seamless."

~ Brian Leung, Vice President, Operations Ledingham McAllister

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship. Multi-Family projects take years to build, and we start working with the top companies and developers in British Columbia well before they break ground. To us, it’s all about building trust and relationships. You need to feel comfortable that our Builder team will provide you with solid advice, impressive prices, accurate details, great timing and dedicated support.

The Madison, Kelowna - North Ellis Development Olympic Village, Vancouver - Millennium Development Hotel Georgia, Downtown Vancouver - Delta Land Development Waterscapes, Kelowna - Ledingham McAllister Skyke and Herons at Waterscapes, Kelowna - Ledingham McAllister Interior of The Perspectives, Burnaby - Ledingham McAllister Interior of The Madison, Kelowna - North Ellis Development The Patina, Downtown Vancouver - Concert Real Estate Corporation L'Hermitage, Downtown Vancouver - Millennium Development Interior of The Hudson, Victoria - Townline Group The Perspectives, Burnaby - Ledingham McAllister High Street, Surrey - Grosvenor Credentials The INvue, Kelowna - Rykon Group

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