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Buying Guide: Washing Machines

Lifestyle image of Whirlpool Laundry Pair placed in a home

Washers are a critical part of a functioning household. They are also one of the longest-lasting appliances in your home. The right washer can help you save money, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your clothing.

The Right Capacity for Your Lifestyle

Washers are most energy-efficient when fully loaded. Choose a unit that isn’t too large for your household.

Assess Your Space

It's important to consider the area your laundry will live in to ensure the washer and dryer you choose will fit:

To simplify this process, Trail has created a laundry checklist that outlines all the steps to take before you receive delivery of your new laundry pair. Ask a Trail Representative for a copy of the checklist to ensure seamless delivery and installation.

Types of Washers

Traditional Top-Load Washing Machine AgitatorHigh-Efficiency Washing Machine ImpellerFront-load Washing Machine internal spray and tumble action

Top Load Washers:

High Efficiency Top Load Washers:

Front Load Washers:

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