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BBQ Blitz BBQ Blitz

Warmer days mean more opportunities for outdoor cooking. Check out Trail’s smokin’ good selection of BBQs & grills including popular brands like Weber, Napoleon, Lynx & more.


Get great value on these quality in-stock BBQ grills:

Weber Portable 51 inch BBQ - Titanium, Propane

Weber Portable 51 inch BBQ
- Titanium, Propane


• 12,000 BTUs
• Electronic Ignition

Napoleon Free Standing 48 inch BBQ - Stainless Steel, Natural Gas

Napoleon Free Standing 48 inch BBQ - Stainless Steel, Natural Gas


• 37,000 BTUs
• Instant Jetfire™ Ignition

Napoleon Free-Standing 66 inch BBQ - Stainless Steel, Propane

Napoleon Free-Standing 66 inch BBQ - Stainless Steel, Propane


• 80,000 BTUs
• Stainless Steel Grates & Burners

Weber Portable 51 inch BBQ - Titanium, Propane

Napoleon Free-Standing 75 inch BBQ- Stainless Steel, Propane


• 92,000 BTUs
• Stainless Steel Grates & Burners
•Add $50 for Natural Gas


Types of BBQ and Grills

BBQs come in all shapes and sizes. Some grills are smaller and more portable, while others are built in and part of your outdoor oasis.
Explore the different BBQ grill varieties below:

Freestanding Grill

Freestanding Grills

Freestanding grills combine a grill on a moveable cart, with some including storage space and side shelves for your grilling tools. They are portable and can be moved around anywhere on your patio and backyard, or stored away from the elements.

See All Freestanding Grills


Portable Grills

Portable grills are a perfect solution for those taking the party outside the home, while offering the same type of functionality. Depending on the BBQ type, they can be gas, charcoal, or electric-powered.

See All Portable Grills

Builtin Grill

Built-In Grills

Built-in grills are placed into a BBQ counter as part of a larger outdoor kitchen. It is the perfect entertaining centrepiece for any outdoor kitchen enthusiast and grillmaster. Built-in options are ideal for those who grill year-round.

See All Built-In Grills

Find the right source to fuel your flame. There are many options to consider when choosing the right BBQ.
Take a look at the features and benefits of each type below:

Propane Grill

Propane Grills

With portable tanks available anywhere, propane grills provide a convenient source of fuel for your BBQ. Take your grill anywhere around your yard, patio, or more. Propane also produces more heat than natural gas, helping sear meats and veggies faster.

See All Propane Grills

Natural Gas Grill

Natural Gas Grills

Natural gas grills connect directly to your home's natural gas line, which means you'll never run out of fuel.
It burns cleaner than, and is often more cost-effective than propane.

See All Natural Gas Grills

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills don't use gas, but are fueled and heated by small briquettes. Charcoal produces a signature smoke flavour associated with BBQs. The lit embers also provide an even, hot grilling surface that any amateur or professional grillmaster will appreciate.

See All Charcoal Grills

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